Our Philosophy

Blue Zone Sardinia was created to make a bridge amongst those seeking a new kind of adventure, art, culture, and wellness.

A kind of bridge that connects individuals from a busy, stressful world to that of a relaxing, rewarding and enriching experience in one of the world’s five designated Blue Zones. Our travel itineraries are exclusively offered to those wanting to explore and invest in Sardinia’s rich culture, heritage and beauty. 

Our goal is to preserve the rich  traditions and natural beauty of the island and  sustainably share it with those who also respect and value these ideas.

Why Travel With Us

-We are native English speaking Sardinians (born and raised in Alghero) with the exception of our Wellness and Public Relations Manager (American).

-We are a highly educated, professional team (2 real estate lawyers, 1 real estate agent with over 20 plus years of hospitality experience and is also published historical author). Amongst the 3 of us, we hold 5 master’s degrees and 1 PhD–you do the math.

Every itinerary will have a bilingual native tour guide.

-We are a family business, and treat our guests like family.

– Enjoy aperitifs and salute to health with the Blue Zone Team (on the first and last day of every tour). We love getting to know you all and learning about your favorite authors, artists, films, and philosophers…

Why Sardinia?

Sardinia is an Italian island that boasts one of the world’s largest population of centenarians and residents thriving over the age of 90, and has been termed a Blue Zone after decades of research conducted by the National Geographic Society. The ancient island is rooted in history and showcases natural beauty: pastel lands, mountains, forests, plains, rivers, rocky coasts and long sandy beaches. In modern times, many intellectuals and artists  have celebrated the island’s allure, which continues to remain untouched.

The dazzling sea surrounding the island is turquoise and its beauty is often compared to that of the Caribbean, and Maldives. Sardinia is only a 50 minute flight from Rome and Milan. It  has 3  International Airports: Alghero in the Northwest, Olbia in the Northeast, and Cagliari in the South.  

 It is an autonomous region and the second largest Italian island after Sicily. It is  7.5 miles (12 km) south of neighboring French island, Corsica in the Mediterranean. Additionally, there is up to  3000 hours of sunshine, with rain falls averaging only 1-2 months a year.

It is considered to be the safest zone in Italy, and one of the best in Europe, as it refrains from any major seismic events or earthquakes. The island boasts an extremely low crime rate, and one of the safest places to travel to in Italy. 

Sardinia caters to those individuals who seek solitude, tranquility and privacy. The island is a haven of natural beauty and inspiration. The breathtaking landscape and sea serve as a sanctuary for many artists and seekers who want to further connect with Nature

La Dolce Vitastill thrives in Sardinia, as does a simple agrarian and farm to table mentality.  We invite you to discover what scholars have speculated to be Plato’s lost island of  Atlantis: Sardinia, the Mediterranean’s best kept secret